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Podcastification is all about PODCASTING - how to do it. How NOT to do it. Interesting news items from the world of podcasting. Tips, tricks, and best-practices to help you start a show, keep your show going, or make it better.And it's all done with a little fun and light-hearted humor. Carey Green is the host, a guy who runs a podcast production and show notes creation company - so you can imagine the hundreds of scenarios he gets the privilege to see... and he's passing all that info on to you, week by week. Join the fun by subscribing to Podcastification. Reach out to the Podcast Fast Track Team at

Nov 28, 2017

How to record interviews over a distance is one of the most frustrating things for many podcasters - and the tech is not quite there yet.

But it’s getting better. :)

2017 brings a handful of pretty decent options for recording a conversation, many of them with tech that takes out the “distance” part of a distance...

Nov 21, 2017

Have you ever tried to share audio files on social media?

Man, what a PAIN it can be! Depending on where your audio file link comes from, what format the file is in, which social media platform you’re dealing with, you can get all kinds of bizzare results.

The problem Is compounded even more when you realize that...

Nov 14, 2017

I thought it was about time I did something REALLY helpful and did the research required to tell you exactly - step by step - how to submit your show to every conceivable place you can to increase your podcast’s reach.

I’m talking about Podcast Directories, people!

But the problem is this: every conceivable place is...

Nov 7, 2017

How much thought have you given to your podcast workflow recently?

That much, huh? ;)

I've been thinking about mine a lot lately because I have found myself caught up in the minutiae instead of getting the important things in my life and business done.

A workflow like it takes to produce a successful podcast can be very...